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                                                Product advantage

                                                In the recovery process after blast furnace going into operation or blowing out, expansion is happened when furnace temperature is from cold to hot. The large temperature difference is, the higher expansion rate is. Because there is difference of heating and thermal expansion coefficient in furnace shell and lining, so that lead to their deformation and its speed are different. When inlet and outlet pipe of cooling system go through furnace shell and lining, they are usually cut off by deformation that lead to lot of water leakage. Flexible metal hose used in BF cooling stave or expansion joint have special function that is they can use their own lateral deformation to compensate the displacement caused by heating furnace shell and cooling system to protect cooling pipe from damaging.

                                                When choice cooling plate as main structure of blast furnace, use flexible metal hose, nominal diameter from DN25 to DN65.


                                                Product parameters


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