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                                                人才觀Talent concept
                                                • Recruitment of talents

                                                  Establish a scientific selection mechanism

                                                • Utilization of talents

                                                  Make the best use of only the best use

                                                • Training of talents

                                                  Provide good training opportunities for every employee

                                                • Retention of talents

                                                  To meet the material needs of employees with favorable treatment and comfortable working environment

                                                人才培訓Personnel training

                                                Taidy has always been committed to inheriting excellent corporate culture, cultivating professional and dedicated staff and building a learning organization.We are committed to building a training system suitable for our own development strategy, constantly improving the quality of employees, and promoting and realizing the common development of employees and the company.

                                                • Taidy establishes the "company-department-team" training management system.In terms of training content, it mainly includes corporate culture, professional knowledge and management skills.The training is based on competency model and guided by training needs.Take the ability training as the starting point, take the training result transformation as the foothold principle.


                                                • Welcome to Taidy's family!The company provides you with competitive salary, five social insurance and one housing fund, regular physical examination, lunch, transportation, communication subsidies, and regular organization of various employee activities.Working here not only means salary and benefits, but also provides you with broad development space, opportunities for learning, training and communication, allowing you to broaden your horizon .

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